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Top 5 Golf Ball Brands

1. Titleist
(truly is the #1 ball in golf, highest selling ball in golf, too)

2. Bridgestone
(they have a very good ball fitting system, to match you with the right ball for your game)

3. Srixon (
known as an innovativer in design, they produce thin cover balls that help with distance and spin)

4. TaylorMade
(The Penta TP is revolutionary with its 5 piece construction, but they make good mid-major balls too) (mid-major ball examples: Titleist NXT Tour, TaylorMade Burner TP, Srixon TriSpeed, Bridgstone E6+, Callaway HX Hot Bite, Nike Juice)

5. Callaway
(Callaway makes the straightest flying balls on the market, due to their resilient covers and hexagonal aerodynamic design)

A Golf Ball Tip - There is a great deal to be said about choosing the right ball. If your game is fairly stable and you shoot a round of 90 or under, choosing the right ball can be the difference between two or three shots a round. It all depends on the course, if you’re playing a long yardage course, you’re going to want something that can really go the distance. A Titleist golf ball is probably one of the best. Nike also manufactures great balls for distance but they tend to be a bit pricy.

Check the Weather -
If it’s windy, try to play a heavy ball that can cut through the wind, keep your shots on a lower trajectory. If conditions are ideal for Golf, go for a ball with a huge amount of spin.
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